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We at Animal Magic, are passionate about Wildlife and Nature and we would love the opportunity to share this with your through our Wildlife and Natural History Road Shows, designed for Schools, Libraries, Colleges and other organisations.

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About Animal Magic

Animal Magic was set up over 17 years ago with the aim of making a small living for ourselves and to fund the Rescue and Rehabilitation of our Native Wildlife, that we are dedicated to help.

Unfortunately the last few years have seen a huge increase in the numbers of displaced, sick and injured animals and we are getting called on more and more for our help to care for them.

For the last couple of years we have been struggling to keep our heads above water; every penny we earn is getting swallowed up by the sheer numbers of animals in need.

The costs are escalating and involve not only cost of feeding, housing and vetinary treatments but also the cost of actually going out and collecting the animals, and then scouting for release sites and releasing the recovered animals and birds, the cost of this can be significant.

Unlike other rescue centres, the animals we take in cannot be re-homed like a dog or a cat, and while it is always our aim to release the animals back into the wild once they are fit and healthy, unfortunately this is not always possible. If they cannot be released due to their injuries we then do our very best to ensure that the creatures are housed and cared for and have the best quality of life that it is possible to provide.

We always try to help and hate to say no to any creature that is in need but we have got to the stage now where we could do with a helping hand.

Last year, we were called upon to rescue or take in over 1000 animals and this is on the increase.

Please help us to help our native wildlife.

We regret that we are unable to continue our involvement in rescue work as legislation has changed and we do not have the man power to comply.


Ballyhoura Falconry

As falconers for over 30 years, we have decided to re name this side of our business so more people are aware of what we can offer here, in Kilmallock.

The Ballyhoura region has so much to offer with the outstanding countryside, the wildlife, a huge range of outdoor activities; it is a perfect holiday destination. What could be better than combining all these things with the chance to interact with some of our most majestic and awe inspiring creatures – Birds of Prey.

Here, at Ballyhoura Falconry, we have probably one of the biggest collections of Raptors in Ireland, from the tiny Merlin to the impressive Golden Eagle.

You can spend a couple of hours with us, or if you are passionate about wildlife, as we are, you can spend the whole day.

Falconry – practiced since 2000bc is probably one of the earliest sports, the earliest recorded reference to training Birds of Prey in Ireland was in the 7th Century, but the arrival of the Anglo Normans finally secured falconry’s place here, albeit amongst the nobility.

Here you can experience many unique opportunities to see, hold and even fly these magnificent Birds of Prey.

We, here at Ballyhoura Falconry are passionately committed to education, rehabilitation, and conservation of our native Irish Wildlife and the wellbeing of all the Birds and Animals here.  Why not treat yourself to a day in the wide outdoors, bringing you back to nature

One of our aims is to share with you the pleasure and excitement of falconry, and to impart some of the experiences we have had over the years handling, flying and rehabilitating these totally fascinating creatures.

We have a range of activities that will enthral anyone, and suit young and old, so why not give us a call and book yourselves a day to remember. We can guarantee that you won’t go home disappointed.

  • Hawk Walks
  • Falconry Experience
  • Owl Experience
  • Falconry Displays
  • School Visits
  • Corporate Events

With Ballyhoura Falconry, you get so much more than you would from a  regular Falconry Centre, we have over 300 representatives of our animal kingdom here, home to Animal Magic Wildlife Rescue, why not meet some of them whilst you are here.

Don’t forget: Gift Vouchers are available and make an ideal present for Birthdays or Christmas.

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We provide a range of wildlife and natural history road shows for Libraries, Schools Colleges & Hotels for any age group.

We can provide a static display consisting of small mammals, raptors, amphibians and arachnids giving you and your customers the opportunity to see and handle a diversity of creatures and to learn more about their lifestyles. We have a professional set up and a multitude of information to pass on. Our mini zoo can be tailor made to suit you or your clients’ needs and would be suited to a wide range of events.

For a truly unique party experience that will enthrall and fascinate any age group we will make the day one to remember, a unique experience. During this fascinating interlude you will meet a selection of highly trained friendly and well mannered animals and birds, from reptiles, mammals, raptors, to amphibians’ insects and arachnids.

The sessions can be tailor made to suit any event and any age group and the beauty of it is that we bring our Mini Zoo to your home, or to a venue of your choice.

To Book either fill out the form below or give us a call on 0876243546